For Release: 11/26/2019

Important reminder: Keep your family safe by clearing snow from gas meters and vents

A buildup of snow can damage pipes and trap carbon monoxide

Rosemount— With the first big snowstorm of the season heading our way, Minnesota Energy Resources is reminding customers to clear snow and ice from natural gas meters and heating vents.

Mind your meter

  • Use a broom or your hands instead of a shovel to clear snow and ice away from your meter. A shovel can damage the equipment.
  • Be careful plowing or snow blowing near your meter, and don’t pile snow on top of it.
  • Do not hit or kick your meter to break up snow or ice.
  • Remove icicles from above your meter to prevent damage if they fall.

Snow can cause damage

A buildup of snow can place stress on your meter’s pipes, which could result in damage to the equipment and even a natural gas leak. Meters left covered by snow or ice may also lead to issues with home appliances or an interruption in service. Clearing your meter allows Minnesota Energy Resources employees to properly service it in an emergency. Snow can also block appliance vents, trapping carbon monoxide indoors. In addition to keeping those vents clear, make sure your carbon monoxide detector is working properly.

If you smell natural gas, leave the area immediately and call Minnesota Energy Resources’ gas emergency line at 800-889-4970.

For More Information, Contact:

  • 414-221-4444
  • Media Hotline

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