For Release: 03/31/2014

Minnesota Energy Resources May Accept Payment Arrangements to Keep Natural Gas Service On for Customers

Arrangements must include a down payment based on amount of arrears. Customers should act soon or making arrangements may be more difficult.

Rosemount, MN – Natural gas customers of Minnesota Energy Resources who have fallen behind on their natural gas bills and not made apparent attempts to catch up will soon face disconnection of service, according to company representatives. The company reports a significant rise in the number of customers who are behind on their utility bill, likely due to the harsh winter.

"Those customers that have made efforts to pay over the winter or have worked out a payment arrangement with us shouldn't be concerned," said Jeff Larson, Minnesota Energy Resources External Affairs Manager. "However, customers who have neglected to make significant payments during the winter and who expect the company to give them additional time to bring their account current could face disconnection." Minnesota Energy Resources disconnected service to nearly 10,000 customers in 2013.

Larson said that those customers with past-due balances should immediately take steps to pay the bill in full or set-up a payment arrangement. Customers may call our 24-Hour Customer Service at 800-401-6402 to use the interactive voice response system, or visit the company website, to make a payment or set-up arrangements.

Customers who believe they may qualify for low-income energy assistance should contact their local agency to apply before funds are depleted. A list by county is also available on the Minnesota Energy Resources website. Customers who have a Cold Weather Rule (CWR) payment plan will soon receive a letter reminding them the agreement will expire on April 15.

"Customers will find we offer options for payment; but the larger the balance, the larger those payments need to be," Larson said. "If there are extenuating circumstances that can be documented, we need to know about them."

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