For Release: 02/17/2014

Minnesota Energy Resources Issues Winter Safety Reminders Regarding Natural Gas Meters and Keeping Vents Clear

Rosemount, MN – With an abundance of snow this winter, Minnesota Energy Resources has several reminders about snow removal and storage, reading meters and icicle formation.

  • When Plowing snow use caution around utility services and meters, primarily meters near businesses. Plowing heavy snow onto meters could damage them resulting in a loss of service and creating a safety hazard.
  • If meters become covered with heavy snow, customers should clear them by hand without heavy shovels, rakes, or other items.
  • We’re moving to the time of the year when the radiant heat from the sun can melt snow even at below freezing temperatures creating icicles. Icicles that are allowed to “grow” too long pose a danger to gas meters. When larger icicles break off, they could fall and cause damage to the meter creating a safety hazard, as well as interrupt gas service.
  • Minnesota Energy Resources appreciates customers who maintain access to gas meters for reading and creating accurate bills. The company does not have automated meter reading, so the meter needs to be accessible to avoid estimated billings.
  • With another round of heavy and blowing snow, the company also reminds customers with high-efficiency furnaces or water heaters that vent through a wall and not into a chimney to check the vents outside to ensure they remain clear. Blocked vents can result in inefficient burning of natural gas that could cause a carbon monoxide build up or cause the units to stop operating.

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    Senior Manager- External Affairs
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