Minnesota Energy Resources offers the home energy excellence program for builders. As a home buyer, purchasing a home energy excellence home has many benefits to you. These homes were built with energy efficiency in mind and will help you save energy and money for many years.

A home under this program receiving home energy excellence certification have:

  • Exceeded the energy-efficiency guidelines established by Minnesota Energy Resources which are higher than the Minnesota energy code.
  • High efficiency natural gas furnace
  • Efficiently designed ventilation system
  • Compliance with air tightness standards

If you are looking to purchase a new home, look for a certified Home Energy Excellence new home for a highly energy efficient home.

Builders or homeowners residential rebate eligibility guide

Customers who purchase a new home that participated in the Minnesota Energy Resources home energy excellence program are not eligible for certain rebates under other rebate programs.

The following chart identifies additional potential rebates in which the builder or homeowner may be eligible for:

Residential rebate program rebates Eligibility to participate?
Furnace, boiler, or integrated heating system No
Standard programmable thermostats No
Advance programmable thermostats Yes
Wi-fi enabled thermostats Yes
Water heaters No
Drain water heat recovery Yes
Hearth product Yes
Clothes washer Yes
Dishwasher Yes

Minnesota Energy Resources will only honor one rebate per piece of equipment. Therefore, building contractors and home buyers should determine who applies for and receives the rebate.

While it is the home that is certified, builders who have built home energy excellence homes this year are listed below:

  • Anderson Builders, LLC
  • Aaron Rude
  • Big Sky Builders
  • Bigelow Homes LLC
  • Bigelow-Lennon Construction LLC
  • Brahlen Homes
  • Brian Lee Construction, Inc.
  • Brandl Anderson Homes
  • Brookstone Builders, Inc.
  • Burdick Builders Inc.
  • CalAtlantic Homes
  • Caritas Builders
  • Castlewood Homes, Inc.
  • Centurion Ridge LLC
  • Charles Merritt Homes
  • Chris Fritsch Custom Homes LLC
  • Chris Tisher
  • Corban Homes
  • Country Joe Homes
  • Countryside Builders
  • Craft Homes
  • Cravath Homes
  • Dale Gathje Construction
  • Dale Jech Construction
  • Dan Hansen Construction
  • Dan Severson Builders, Inc.
  • David Reiland Building Contractor LLC
  • DeWitz Home Builders
  • Dickison Builders
  • Distinguished Homes by Mitch Hagen
  • DR Horton
  • Eternity Homes LLC
  • Exclusive Home Builders
  • Excel Homes
  • Fedder Homes
  • Fieldstone Family Homes Inc.
  • Fort Building and Supply
  • Fox Hill Builders LLC
  • Gary Olsen
  • GBI Homes Inc.
  • G-Cubed Homes
  • Geib Construction
  • H&H Company of Rochester
  • Habitat for Humanity - Rochester Area
  • Hammer Homes Inc.
  • Heartwood Homes
  • Herbert Homes
  • Hoagland Homes
  • Home and Improvements by Tom Yennie
  • Ironwood Enterprises of Rochester
  • JC Construction
  • JL Custom Homes
  • Joe Kruse Construction LLC
  • Johnson Reiland Builders and Remodelers Inc.
  • K.A. Witt Construction
  • Keyland Homes
  • Larry Beach Construction
  • Lennar Homes
  • LeVan Builders
  • Leyendecker Homebuilders LLC
  • Lilly Farms, LLC
  • M H Dutton Construction, LLC
  • M.P. Kaye, LLC
  • Madery Construction
  • Majestic Homes
  • Maplewood Homes LLC
  • Markham Homes LLC
  • Mark Elliot Homes
  • Mattamy Homes
  • McDonald Construction
  • Meadow Lakes Builders
  • Med City Builders of Rochester LLC
  • Meier Companies, Inc.
  • Melby Homes
  • Mike Allen Homes LLC
  • Mike Ranvek Construction
  • Nick Severson Construction, LLC
  • Norton Homes
  • Orchard Hills Villas LLC
  • Otis Custom Homes LLC
  • Overton's Construction
  • Paulson Builders
  • Penz Custom Homes Inc.
  • Pietsch Builders, Inc.
  • Pinnacle Family Homes
  • PK Meyer Builders Inc.
  • Precision Builders LLC
  • Premier Builders of Rochester Inc.
  • Pro Built Homes
  • Pulte Homes
  • R Fleming Construction
  • R.J. Manemann Custom Homes, Inc.
  • Radcliffe Homes and Remodeling
  • Range Construction LLC
  • Robert Gill Builders, Inc.
  • Robert McNearney Custom Homes
  • Robert Thomas Homes
  • Rymark Construction Inc.
  • St. Vincent Custom Contracting
  • Scott Berberich Construction LLC
  • Stone Cottage Construction
  • Thimijan Custom Homes LLC
  • Thorson Homes
  • Todd Eidem Construction
  • VanGuilder Construction, Inc.
  • Wright Homes Inc.
  • Yorway Custom Homebuilders

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