Minnesota Energy Resources wants to help customers keep their natural gas on when they need it most — during the cold winter months. The Minnesota Cold Weather Rule (CWR) protects you from unlawful shut offs from October 15 to April 15.

All Minnesota Energy Resources customers are eligible for a CWR payment plan. Those who enter into a payment agreement with us and continue making specified monthly payments by their due date will be protected from any collection activity or natural gas service shut off during the CWR period.

In addition, if you're eligible for the state's Low Income Energy Assistance Program, you're also eligible for a reduced CWR payment plan. Those below 50% of the state medium income (SMI), as indicated in the chart that follows, are not required to pay more than 10% of their household income each month.

Please note: If you are enrolled in the CWR plan you must continue to make required monthly payments to maintain protection from service disconnection.

Annual income guidelines (2017-2018)

Household size 3-month* Annual*
1 $6,250 $25,000
2 $8,173 $32,692
3 $10,096 $40,385
4 $12,019 $48,077
5 $13,942 $55,769
6 $15,865 $63,462
7 $16,226 $64,904
8 $16,586 $66,346
9 $16,947 $67,789
10 $17,307 $69,231

* Greater of 50% SMI or 110% Federal Poverty Guideline

Customers can apply for Cold Weather Rule protection by contacting Minnesota Energy Resources at 800-889-9508 to discuss eligibility for enrollment.

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