As part of an ongoing effort to increase our natural gas system’s capacity and provide additional reliability, Minnesota Energy Resources is proposing to install a new town border station and 8.8 miles of new natural gas piping in the township of Lorain and the city of Worthington.

Project location

Worthington natural gas lateral project

Project timeline

December 2018 Land and civil engineering surveys
January 2019 Route determination
Spring 2019 Environmental surveys
February - July 2019 Land and easement acquisition
July - September 2019 Construction
October 2019 In-service

Route selection

Many factors are considered when selecting routes including public safety, environmental features, construction requirements, cost, and restoration requirements.

The map above shows the route selected for this project.

Construction timeline and process

We anticipate construction for this project will be completed during the summer and fall of 2019. Impacted landowners will be notified prior to the start of any construction activities.

WEC Energy Group