Our funding focus

In making charitable contributions, Minnesota Energy Resources gives priority to organizations that:

  • Operate within the area served by Minnesota Energy Resources
  • Are judged effective by the community
  • Increase public awareness of important issues
  • Promote volunteerism
  • Cooperate, rather than compete, with similar organizations, and strive to minimize duplication of services
  • Hold nonprofit status

Funding focus areas

  • Arts and culture: Arts and culture add to the richness of life in our communities. We support projects that promote diversity and make the arts accessible to all people, including theater, dance, music, drama and museums.
  • Community and neighborhood development: Communities become stronger when neighbors work together. We support nonprofit organizations dedicated to community improvement.
  • Education: Life-long learning helps ensure a strong future for our communities and their economies. We support programs that complement our company's educational programs and philosophies, including opportunities for minorities and women. We support programs where businesses and educational institutions partner, provide career planning and mentor youth.
  • Environment: As a company, we protect and encourage the wise use of natural resources. We also support others' efforts for the betterment of fish and wildlife, water and air quality, forests, energy efficiency, renewable energy and recycling.
  • Human services and health: The physical and emotional well-being of everyone in our communities is a measure of the health of the communities. We support programs that serve limited-income, senior and handicapped individuals. And we support programs emphasizing wellness.

What we do not fund

  • Individuals
  • Churches and other religious organizations
  • Political organizations
  • Organizations that discriminate for any reason, including race, color, religion, creed, age, gender, national origin or sexual orientation
  • National and international organizations that operate outside the area we serve and whose funds are not used locally
  • Free natural gas or electric service, moving of poles or utility-related construction
  • Public and private schools K-12

If you have read our contribution guidelines, click the apply for a grant button.

Apply for a grant

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