Minnesota Energy Resources is committed to looking for environmentally friendly ways to serve the growing need for energy. Our environmental principles guide our everyday actions, helping us create energy solutions for a sustainable tomorrow.

As principles to guide our actions, we:

    • Include environmental factors as an integral part of planning and operating decisions.
    • Recognize the contribution every employee can make to improve our environmental performance and encourage employees to become environmental stewards.
    • Communicate and reinforce environmental values throughout our company.
    • Practice responsible environmental stewardship of all properties and natural resources entrusted to our management.
    • Minimize adverse environmental impacts of operations by: meeting or surpassing environmental standards, investing in energy efficiency measures, and supporting our recycling and waste reduction programs.
    • Support research and implement new technologies for emissions control, energy efficiency, renewable energy resources, and other environmental and health concerns associated with utility operations.
    • Accept accountability for our operations by responding to environmental incidents quickly and effectively, and promptly informing appropriate parties.
    • Provide public participation opportunities and welcome communication from stakeholders on environmental issues; and continue to foster constructive working relationships with environmental organizations, community leaders, media and government agencies.
    • Participate with government and others in creating responsible laws and regulations to safeguard the environment, community and workplace.
    • Commit employee and management resources to support and implement these principles.
    • Periodically review performance to ensure that programs and practices are consistent with these principles.

Helping the environment

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