Minnesota Energy Resources is offering incentives for Commercial Food Service Equipment Dealers that sell and install qualifying heating equipment for Minnesota Energy Resources business customers. This program awards dealers that sell qualifying commercial food service equipment to a Minnesota Energy Resources customer with cash incentives.

In order to participate in this program, you must:

  • Submit a W9 form to Minnesota Energy Resources by faxing it to 631-434-1212 or email us.
  • Ensure that all submitted rebate forms have the Equipment Dealer section completed with your company's information for every application submitted. Many contractors participating in this program will complete this section of the food service equipment rebate application for their customers in order to be sure it is completed accurately.
Qualifying equipment: Customer incentive Trade ally incentive
ENERGY STAR® certified convection oven $500 $75
Combi oven $1,000 $150
ENERGY STAR certified gas fryer $700 $100
Rotating rack oven $500 $75
Upright broiler - infrared $600 $90
Charbroiler - infrared $300 $45
Conveyor oven $750 $115
Pasta cooker $200 $30
Rotisserie oven - infrared $500 $75
Salamander broiler - infrared $150 $25
ENERGY STAR certified steam cooker $500 $45
ENERGY STAR certified commercial dishwasher $100 $25

Once the customer's rebate application is approved, the dealer listed on the application will receive an incentive for every qualified installation. The incentives are tracked and checks are automatically issued quarterly.

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